• Soft Sided Coolers

    Soft Sided Coolers

    Available in 18, 24, 36, and 48 pack sizes.
  • Stainless Steel Anchor Shackle

    Stainless Steel Anchor Shackle

    Anchor shackle 5/16", 316 Stainless Steel. For connecting the eye splice on the line to the anchor.
  • Vinyl Sauce

    Vinyl Sauce

    Vinyl Sauce, Professional Vinyl and Upholstery Cleaner. 32 FL oz (quart)
  • Box Anchor Bags

    Box Anchor Bags

    Box Anchor Bags
  • the 3/8" Economy Line

    the 3/8" Economy Line

    the 3/8" Economy Line (3/8" Economy Anchor Line, white (100' Spool)
  • Men's T-Shirts

    Men's T-Shirts

    "Slide Anchor" on front of Tshirt/Tank; Slide Anchor logo and colorful boat designs on back.
  • Anchor Buddy

    Anchor Buddy

    Shallow Water Anchor Buddy (stretches 7'- 22') $28 Anchor Buddy (stretches 14' - 50') $31 Colors: Yellow, red, blue, orange, black
  • Buoy Ball

    Buoy Ball

    Polyform US Buoy Color
  • Buoy Ball Heavy-Duty

    Buoy Ball Heavy-Duty

    This heavy duty Buoy Ball manufactured by Taylor Made Specialty Products can be used as a pick-up buoy, marker buoy, or fender. Makes a great marker for water ski events and can be used as a fender for your personal watercraft.
  • Buoy Tender

    Buoy Tender

    36" of float line between two stainless steel snap hooks; includes float ball
  • Closed Throat Snap Hook

    Closed Throat Snap Hook

    Closed Throat Snap Hook for a dedicated line. Made of stainless steel.
  • Cooler Shelves

    Cooler Shelves

    As ice chest accessories go, Cooler Shelf is that 'must-have' solution. Our Cooler Shelf for ice chests will protect all your food from ruin by condensation or melted ice.
  • Dock Buddy

    Dock Buddy

    4' Dock Buddy 6' Dock Buddy
  • Fenders


    G-3 (5.5" dia. x 20" length) $14 G-4 (6.5" dia. x 23" length) $24
  • HDI Inflatable Fender

    HDI Inflatable Fender

    Durable high density materials, built-in strength and quality are the benchmarks of these fenders. Each has been subjected to extreme testing to assure its ability to withstand heavy marine use.
  • My Anchor Pal

    My Anchor Pal

    The perfect accessory for your shore spike.....on shore or shallow water. Available in neon green , yellow, or orange.